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My working approach is of a collaborative nature with each of the performers I work with. The basis of my work relies on the how these collaborator-performers, during our periods of research, react physically and in their personal understandings, and imaginations, to the tasks and improvisations I propose. I encourage them to challenge these ideas, and in doing so, we create a dialogue that is mutually enriched. I collaborate with performers who are honest thus powerfully creative, who have a strong sense of autonomy, and who are open to meeting the unknown within themselves. 

Thank you to the performers that I have had the chance to work with. Béatrice Cardinal, Bogumila Rozwadowska, Camille Courchesne Couturier, Émilie Perrault, Emma Lusena Ash, Estelle Weckering, Fanny Bélanger-Poulin, Flore Ruiz-Moiret, Gianmaria Girotto, Giulia GiammonaGloria Tousignant, Hubert Mielke, Jacynthe Desjardins, Jeanne Procureur, Léonie Bélanger, Leonor Barbosa, Lísandra Týra Jónsdóttir, Melissa Bon, Miquel Amengual Gual, Tara Ukmar.

Adrien Poulin


Guitarist, composer, sound designer and alley walker Adrien is always on the prowl for new sounds. Wether it’s as a collaborator or as composer-performer story telling is always the the center of his practice.

A story that winds (and unwinds) through new encounters, tours, shivers and a collection of professionnel experiences with a number of dances companies and varied musical artists. 

Sound creator

Amandine Pillet

Before the skin of her face is torn off as it makes its way to the ground,

Amandine asks herself a multitude of questions.


Outside eye and dramaturgy


Léonie Bélanger

A dance artist based in Tiohtiá:ke/Mooniyang/Montreal, Léonie is interested in what creates truth

She found Claire among xerophytic plants

To this day,

sand runs through their veins

Co-creator and co-performer

Morgane Guillou

Still diving in, trying to reveal the complexity of the self. 


Paris, then Montreal - to be explored -
Morgane is carving out a path 

Outside eye and dramaturgy

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