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Sink Your Teeth into the Void


This piece is an invitation to deconstruct past and present popular artistic and aesthetic references: from medieval and renaissance art, to paranormal movies and the portrayal of the “feminine” on the general modern screen. Out of these references and into the ‘Chaos’, the second part of the piece explores the traces of these references and the new beginnings we are left with when the codes are shattered.

Collaborators and performers: Emma Lusena Ash, Hubert Mielke, Leonor Barbosa, Lísandra Týra Jónsdóttir, Miquel Amengual Gual

Movement collaborator: Flore Ruiz-Moiret

Sound design: Adrien Poulin

Outside eyes: Amandine Pillet, Jeanne Procureur 

Light design: Claire Pearl 

Light design mentoring: Frank Lischka

Creative mentoring by: Matteo Fargion, Anton Valdbauer, Anna Tenta and Mathieu Rouvière ​

Video footage: Hyungjin Lee

Photos: Miriam Budzakova

Produced by SEAD

Burning skin 

Strong hands 

Broken face 

Savage draw


As I regurgitate the gold

That comes out of my mouth

I hold my seven virgin cards


Don’t chop my bones 

I chew what I can


You will not miss me 




  If I open my skull? 

Presented at SZENE Salzburg,
New Faces New Dances Festival,

March 2022

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