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Archives of youth


Senses, feelings & glory


Crossed timelines. Breaking chronology.

Visceral urges. To scream, to smile, to remember.


         Do you remember the taste of oranges?

         I used to save the ones I loved.


Archetypes of what is, will be, has been.

The witch, the child, the muse and her lion.


         I borrowed your story.

         I screamed at the sea.


Have you ever thought:

What happened when you believe?

What happens when you let go?

Presented independently in Salzburg,

Garden In Situ,

June 2022

Residency at P.A.R.T.S Summer Studios

July 2022

Extension of the project presented at the festival TOUT LE MONDE DEHORS in Ardèche, France 

With Bogumila Rozwadowska and Melissa Bon

August 2022



Archives of Youth is a poetic and somatic movement, voice and composition research on memories. In this project, we looked at how the precise memories of different stages of youth affect the presence and physicality of each performer. We oriented our research through the questions: how it is possible to relate different life experiences individually and together through storytelling and imagination, and what is the relation to “truth” and honesty when these memories are revisited by oneself and by others?

To create material, we used multiple elements related to specific memories in order to compose a dialogue between distinct personal paths and their meetings/ collisions though moments of common images, events or tasks.

These are stories of young spirituality, of freedom, of discovery. Who testifies to the understanding and truth of the child, who surrenders to the first experiences of celebration, who connects to the greatness of nature.

We addressed the space as a swamp where various temporalities can coexist, and where each action is in some way connected to everything else.

We understand the relations amongst the performers in the swamp-space as an extension of the “I”. In this sense, we borrowed freely, amongst the performers, the recalled stories and memories.

I am also you.

Collaborators and performers: Tara Ukmar, Bogumila Rozwadowska, Melissa Bon

Photos: Miquel Amengual Gual

Video: Marta DeMasi 

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Archives of Youth

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