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Portrait sous Microscope

Portrait sous microscope (« Portrait Under Microscope ») is a ­­­­­performative movement piece, that investigates the identity of the performer, Jeanne Procureur, through the notions of being (I am), of possession (I have) and of production and reproduction (I am created, I create). Such as a living tableau, we look at the visible matter of Jeanne’s being and body. Using the metaphor of the microscope, we zoom into the depth of the cells, of the chemical reactions in the brain, and of the feelings that traverse her. Thus, the movements are carved in space and time on the macroscopic level and on the microscopic level, embodied fully and differently every run.  

Presented at Joseph Eckart Theater - Salzburg,
Project in collaboration with Jeanne Procureur

January 2022

Collaborator and performer: Jeanne Procureur

Photos: Miquel Amengual Gual

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