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Igor Stravinsky’s opera Renard (1916), is based on a fable of a fox who attempts to capture a rooster but ends up being trapped and killed by his pray, and its acolytes the cat and the goat. This story, through a collaboration with the play director Giulia Giammona, was placed in parallel to the play by the same composer L'Histoire du Soldat (1918). Here, a devil takes the soul of a soldier, who attempts to trick the devil and stealing it back. From the mundane life of the soldier to his daydreams, I opened, in this reinterpretation, the universe of limitless fantasies.

Presented at Theater Im Kunstquartier Salzburg,
Project in collaboration with Giulia Giammona and the Theater departement of Mozarteum Universitat 

May 2022

Collaborators and performers: Emma Lusena Ash, Gianmaria Girotto, Leonor Barbosa

Set design: Selina Nowak

Music composed by Igor Stravinsky

Music performed by the Music department of Mozarteum Universitat

With actresses Juliette Larat and Abenaa Prempeh

In collaboration with director Giulia Giammona 

Photos: Miquel Amengual Gual

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