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Rien à sauver

NOTHING TO SAVE is a piece whose objective is none other than to find permission to be. Here a door opens on a world of multiple paths - chaotic and eclectic - where everything is allowed. The environment, the space and the aesthetics are in constant redefinition to the rhythm of the multiple imaginations of the performers. It is up to them to find themselves alone and together, facing these possibilities that they create and undergo, that they build and destroy.  

A children's game

A family dinner

A quiet song

A live video production
LAVI, Montreal 

April 2021

Performers and collaborators:

Fanny Bélanger-Poulin, Léonie Bélanger, Béatrice Cardinal, Camille Courchesne-Couturier, Jacynthe Desjardins, Émilie Perrault


Light design: Karine Gauthier

Technical Director: Jason Pomrenski 

Stage technician: Éliane Cantin

Production director: Alain Bolduc

Technological collaborator: Julien Blais

Mentoring: Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

Outside eye: Hasna Lionnet

Rehearsal directors: Anne Thériault and Isabelle Poirier

Sound design: Adrien Poulin

Teaser video: Étienne De Durocher

Production: UQAM

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