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Co-creation with Léonie Bélanger

Being in search of new narratives, we think of the future as a place of creation, of multiple possibilities, but above all of "alternativity". This is how we dive into the somatic and creative exercise of (re)thinking the experience of discovering a near future world. How will the sensitive and somatic experience of discovering the codes of this new universe unfold?
Intrigued by the notion of imprints, we are curious to see how different archetypes, present in our contemporary society, can manifest themselves in this discovery of the (or a) future and how they can be embodied by our own bodies.

Co-creaters and co-performers: Claire Pearl, Léonie Bélanger

Musical conception: Arthur Champagne

Photos: Nicolas Biaux

Presented at VOUS ÊTES ICI/ YOU ARE HERE with LASERRE - Arts vivants, November 2022 

L'Absolu est absurde

L'Absolu est absurde_CR-Nicolas Biaux_4.jpg
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